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Keep an eye on out for new pups heading our way!

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Meet the Halloween litter! These 10 black lab mix puppies (7 boys 3 girls) were dumped at the doorstep of the shelter in TX at only 2 weeks old! They are with 2 amazing mama dogs who have adopted them into their litters (see Lady and Paris below). Accepting applications now!

Lady is a teen mom who found herself with a litter of puppies where she's still a puppy herself! As an inexperienced mom, she lost 3 of her puppies but is doing well raising her remaining 3. She recently took in a few of the Halloween black lab puppies and adopted them to raise with the rest of her crew. This 1 year old 40lb mama and her little family are also accepting applications as we speak.


Paris is the best mama there is. A pack of wild strays tried to attack and eat her babies when they were just days old. She fought them off to protect her babies and lost her right eye in the process. She along with her 6 puppies are now safe in a foster home while she recovers from surgery that removed her eye. This 3 year old 20lb mama and her 6 puppies are all looking for forever homes.