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Image by Evan Wise

Happy Tails

Congratulations to these pups and humans on finding one another

Revel Rosie

Revel Rosie came to us from WV. Her litter was discarded by the people who had them. They arrived super tiny and with wormies in them. As you can see, the transformation is dramatic and Revel is now a 40lb majestic beauty!


Trixie came to us from TX in the fall of 2020. On her journey up from TX, the transport van got into a terrible accident. Miraculously, no dogs were injured and the human drivers just sustained bumps and bruises. Trixie's mom has invested in her higher education, and she's not only a certified Canine Good Citizen, but she also recently graduated from Intro to Agility! She loves her home with her mom and her feline brother.


A boy and his dog. Bluey (fka Roger) is in the most loving forever home there is, and hopes to be a canine big bro to a new canine sibling soon. Fingers Crossed!

Bubba & Chase

Bubba (left) and Chase (right) just finished their first 5k with their humans and best canine sister/friend, Kona (center). Both pups came from rough pasts of neglect, and now living the best possible lives with their new families!


Naga (fka Robin) came to us with her sister Lily from WV. It wasn't long before this sweet girl became a foster fail! Looking very festive here with her older canine siblings :)


Our Puerto Rico girl Kira came to us very scared and shy. In fact, the second day she arrived at her foster home, she ran away! Luckily she was found quickly and returned home safe and sound. She is gaining more and more confidence in the her loving forever home with her mom, and slowly coming out of her shell day by day. Her favorite past time is to steal her mom's stuffed animals and hide them in her own bed!


Murphy just celebrated his 1 year birthday! He came to FCAR in November 2020, on one of the largest intake we have ever taken on. He is blossoming in his forever home with his mom!


Formerly known as puppy #2! He came to FCAR from Alabama with his mom Runi and 8 other littermates. We were unable to come up with that many puppy names that quickly so they were all named after the numbers on their tag. He is loving life in his forever home with his parents, human siblings, and canine uncle (also an FCAR alum). Most recently, he welcomed a new brother into his life, Murphy, and the two boys are thick as thieves!


Murphy came to FCAR with his mom and 3 other siblings from WV. He suffered from puppy strangles and his eyes and face were SO swollen when he first arrived. He's all better now and looking handsome as ever, and loving life with his best bud and bro, Finn (also an FCAR alum).


Ollie and her puppies came to FCAR in the summer of 2020. She had a rough start to her life, but is now in the best forever home, where her she spends her day “talking”, playing, snuggling, and going for car rides. Her most recent adventure was a trip to the Outer Banks - she loved the beach! Her mom says she is the most well behaved dog they have ever had, and the best part, she came that way! Her family is blown away by how loyal and trusting she is despite her awful first two years of life.


Thor joined FCAR in March 2021 with 9 other puppies and 3 moms. We never figured out which puppies belonged to which mom! He came to us with terrible skin and barely any hair. His foster took amazing care of him and fell madly in love with him... And he never left :) #fosterfail


Rio, the gentle giant, came to us from WV in June 2020. He was no longer useful for his previous family who wanted him to guard life stocks, and he came to us dirty, matted, and with double entropion. He now lives a very different life with his forever family in DC, and LOVES all of his doggy friends in the neighborhood. His hair has transformed to a glistening fluffy coat, which serves as the best snuggle pillow for his smallest human.

Luna & Leopold

Luna (fka Maggie) and Leo are both adopted from FCAR, about a year apart from one another! Both of these Texans came to us from bad circumstances. Now, these pups live the happiest lives with their forever family! They love their daily long walks. And they spend the day romping around the yard with their tortoise sibling, then snooze the afternoon away together on their comfy bed.


Rosie (fka Bailey) was one of the mountain dogs from WV that we tried super hard to catch. She was under socialized and was fearful of everything because her world had changed so drastically. She now has a large yard to run around in, and just recently went on her first family vacay to the beach! She still loves doing her “zoomies” and going on long evening walks. She is the best partner in crime for her toddler human and so well loved by her family.


Jojo came to us with cigarette burns on her forehead. She now lives in the best home with the largest yard a pup can hope for, and a Golden Retriever as her best friend who lives just next door!


Rocky (nee Chance) was found with 9 other puppies and 3 mama dogs. No one quite knew which pup belonged to which mom! He is thriving in his forever home, and is a cuddly, lovable boy that loves people, kiddos and other dogs. He loves the dog park, doggy daycare, playing fetch, and is mastering catching!


Benny (fka Riley) is full of life and mischief! His family loves him so much and he has brought so much joy after a tough year. Benny enjoys his walks, running around the yard, eating things he shouldn’t, (underwear, squirrels, cicadas), and snuggling with his family. He was one of the 10 pups from Molli's litter and is now all grown up!


Levi (fka Panda) came to FCAR on the largest transport run we've ever done, 36 dogs/puppies in total! He was a malnourished bottle baby, and has now transformed into this handsome, most well behaved pup there is. His mom loves him to pieces and is working hard with him on training so he can continue to mature to into the best behaved adult pup.


Diego, one of Roxy's puppies, was adopted in July 2020. Aside from mommy and daddy, he has lots of cousins to play with, aunts and uncles to spoil him and two Grammies who adore him. He likes to go on hikes, play at the dog park, take sniffy walks and go to the lake. He gets to visit the horse farm, too! He is always ready for a cuddle with mommy or to be silly with daddy.


For Benny, formerly Baloo, every day since his adoption has been the best day ever! He loves hiking in the forest every morning, playing with his new toys, napping everywhere, and lots of yummy chew treats, but most of all he loves his new family. Benny has been thrilled to discover not only does he have a mom and a dad but he has grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, and dog cousins all to finally call his own. He has grown several inches of fur and has become an A+ student in leash walking!

Mochii Cole

Mochii and Cole are siblings from Winter's (now Seneca) litter. They were adopted by humans who are friends with one another and sees each other regularly for playdates!


Louie, formerly known as Chunk, is the perfect gentleman. When his mom saw Louie's picture on FCAR's Facebook page, she felt that he screamed to her. She just knew she had to have him, even though they had a 6 month old puppy at that time. His mom says that Louie is probably the best dog she has ever had.


Freyja, formerly Noel, was adopted in March, 2021. She loves her big sister, Skadi (on left), chewing sticks, helping in the garden, and going on walks.


Slater came to FCAR with his litter of 10 GSD mix puppies. He is the best boy and loves his human and canine siblings with all his heart!


Nama (short for Namaste) was Caramel when she arrived at FCAR. Nama has added so much light to her family. She bonded right away to our resident dog with her big brother Hammer (pictured left), who is another rescue. They are inseparable and have helped each other grow. Nama has developed into a social butterfly who loves a good adventure, playtime, naps, treats, and exploring any trail the DMV has to offer.


Rosie's mom kept the name her foster gave her because it fit her personality so well! She was found in the hollers of WV in July 2020 and has blossomed in her forever home. She absolutely loves to play with her friends at the dog park, going on long walks, and boat rides. She gets so excited when seeing people that her whole body wiggles!


Foster came to FCAR in July of 2020 with 3 other siblings and his mom, Jade. He loves his human parents and siblings, and is super smart!


Keanu, formerly known as Rovi/ Puppy #9, is now living his best life. He loves digging holes in the sand at the beach, and is now a proud big bro to little bro, Stetson (tan and white). They love to find large sticks to carry home together and rolling around just about anywhere and everywhere.


Bailey found her forever home right before the pandemic lockdowns in 2020. She was so skinny when she first arrived at her forever home, only tipping the scale at 35lbs. She is now at a healthy 55lbs and is doing great! She celebrated her 3rd birthday a few months ago and loves her life in her forever home!


Blaze just celebrated his one year gotcha-versary in late July, 2021! He has more facial expressions than some people. His favorite things are: the couch, fluffy toys, duck feet, pillows, and balls. He is a master of finding lost balls (baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, you name it!) in the bushes, in yards he pass, and will carry them all the way home. He also enjoys birdwatching and is best friends with the mailman!


Margot came to FCAR in March of 2021 in bad shape. She was fostered by one of the most experienced fosters FCAR has, and went through a lot of medical procedures to get her health back. Through it all, she decided her foster mom was the only mom she wanted, and decided to stay forever! Her mom said she was the dog she didn't know she needed until she realized she couldn't let her go. She is at a healthy weight and happy!

Sonny Saoirse Ivy

Sonny, Saoirse, and Ivy, rescued from a hoarding situation in WV in July 2020. Sonny and Saoirse was initially fostered together, and they are now forever siblings together. Ivy visits for playdates from time to time.


Archie, formerly Cory, was one of 4 Great Pyrenees puppies that joined FCAR in June, 2020. He is one of the sweetest dogs ever, and is loving his life in his forever home in NoVa. He loves to people watch and his favorite thing to do is to guard his cul-da-sac from his spot on the couch!


Tripp holds a special place in our hearts. He was found hobbling around the streets of south TX in the dead of summer in 2020. His leg was so deformed that it had to be amputated. It took him a long time to work through some quirks and when he finally found his forever home, it was the most perfect match. He now gets to run around in his enormous yard with his human and canine siblings. It was worth the wait!


Mila, adopted in November, 2020, now lives the good life playing fetch and taking long walks with her mom. This very best pup is a big fan of belly rubs!


Lulu (previously Winnie) was adopted in October, 2020, and has been so loved by her mom. She was very anxious around people and dogs after surviving a hoarding situation, and is now blossoming in her forever home.


Birdie, formerly Quinn, is 14 pounds now and loves squeaky toys, barking at squirrels, hiking, going to the dog park, and staring out the window. She lives with an older brother, Judd, who is also a rescue (not from FCAR). Her mom stayed in touch with the parents of her littermates, and have been able to have a couple of family reunions, which are absolutely adorable!


Indie, formerly Shaggy, is one of the puppies from Cherry's unexpected pregnancy. He is aptly named after the special day he went home, on Independence Day! Indie is a bit of a mamas boy, but there are no complaints from his mom! He has fit right in and essentially has his mom and his much larger canine siblings all wrapped around his little paw!

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