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This gorgeous 5 month old Great Pyrenees/husky mix is as sweet as he is dapper! True to his Great Pyrenees roots, he loves all humans, dogs, cats, and calm children he meets. And true to his husky roots, he is high energy. The ideal family for this gentle giant is an active one with a yard, so he can get lots of long walks and play in the yard each day. He has been doing 2 miles twice a day so starting at 4 months of age! He is as smart as he is active, and his new family needs to be one that is committed to working with trainers and enrolling him into puppy classes to ensure that he learns proper manners starting at a young age. He is crate trained and almost fully potty trained. He is a gentle giant, and one that will do well in any household that can provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he needs. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, and a dog who gives amazing hugs, Mucuchi is the one!

This one and a half year old handsome dude will MELT your heart with just one look from his soulful eyes. Pup is the sweetest and most loving dog there is. He came from a rough past, and is learning that it is ok to trust new dogs he meets. He is currently working hard with his foster and trainer to help build up his confidence around other dogs. He is fully potty trained and a professional snuggler.

Maple is the sweetest dog there ever was. She came to us with heartworms and is currently receiving treatment. She does well with adults, kids, bikers, skateboarders, scooter-ers, big dogs, small dogs, and she does not react to cats. Despite her age, which we estimate to be around 10-11 years old, Maple loves long walks and cannot wait to resume those once her heartworm treatment is done. People we meet on walks are always surprised at how old she is because she's so happy and has a little spring in her step. She does great on a leash and walks right next to her foster, never pulling her along. She does enjoy a good squirrel chase, but that's the only time she'll ever surprise you on walks. Maple knows basic commands (except to "lay down" which she thinks is the perfect time to get a belly rub) and willingly goes into her crate when it's time. If you're looking for a cuddly dog who watches you with the warmest sweet eyes everywhere you go, Maple is your girl.

Denali is a sweet and loving 3-year-old 45lb boxer mix who came to us as an owner surrender, after she was hit by a car and suffered a hip dislocation. Unable to pay for her medical care, Denali’s owners brought her to the vet to have her put to sleep. Our board member convinced them to give her to us instead. Denali is now fully recovered from hip surgery, and looking forward to providing her future forever family with a lot of love! She is fully potty trained, AMAZING with children and great with other dogs. She loves her humans very much, and will do well with a family who is looking for a velcro dog that loves to snuggle! She does suffer from separation anxiety, and her current foster is working with her on that to leave her alone in small increments.

Peaches is a shih-tzu mix tipping the scale around 10lbs. We believe she is about 1-3 years old. She was found as a stray in TX and joined our rescue recently. She loves all the members of her foster family dearly, and loves to curl up on kitchen chairs and will demand use of an empty lap. She is very food motivated and nearly potty trained. Her foster reports that she is a great sleeper, but has FOMO (fear of missing out) when she detects others in the household are doing things more interesting than sleeping. LIke most small dogs, she is fearless and still a little bit chewy, but learns quickly when corrected. We do not know how she does with young children, but loves the older kids (upper elementary and middle school age) in my foster family. While she gets along with other dogs and her canine foster sibling, she will probably do best in a home as an only dog as she likes to have all the love and attention from her humans. She is spunky and full of personality and just looking for someone’s love and attention.

Danger, danger, here comes Ranger! Ranger is a 4mo old, athletic ~20lb husky/shepherd mix. He is crate trained, almost fully potty trained (his little bladder is just not quite big enough to hold for a long time), and loves to learn - just ask his foster about all the tricks he's learned so far! Ranger is looking for a partner in crime - someone who will meet his high physical and mental exercise needs, take the time to build a relationship with him, and give him some kind of "job" to do, whether that be agility training or being your dedicated running buddy. Ranger is a confident dog who needs either an experienced working breed owner, or an owner who will be dedicated to attending puppy school and consistent in his training. Ranger likes to play with other dogs his size, but when it comes to home life, he would fair best with maximum one other mild-mannered, well-trained dog. He is happy to play with cats, and would do well with a cat sibling who is confident and outgoing.

adoption pending

Willow is a chocolate lab mix and the sweetest pup ever. She is calm, gentle, and loving. She is happiest when snuggling with her people, but she also loves looking out the window or chilling in the yard. She is the sweetest and easiest going 6 month old little girl. She currently tips the scale around 45lbs, and will be a decent sized girl when she's full grown. She is working on potty training and is already crate trained and walks well on a leash. She loves all dogs and humans she meets, and is great with children. She is interested in cats but it seems that she will be ok in a household with cats too. She cannot wait to be in her forever home soon!

adoption pending

Shamrock is an 8-10 week old Shepherd mix who loves to play, play, play. He’s working on his potty training, but quickly getting the hang of it and is making his foster mommy so proud! Like most puppies, he is a little unsure about new people, places, things, but warms up quickly and is the sweetest little love bug who just wants to be close to his human. He gets along well with other dogs (large and small), mostly ignores the resident cat (but sometimes wants to play with her), and loves meeting new people who will give him pets and treats! Shamrock also loves his puppy naps after playtime. He’s still working on his crate training and getting used to his crate, but with continued consistent training, he should be there in no time. Squirrels and birds don’t phase him, he’d rather chase around his toys inside. Shammy would make an amazing family pup with the right structure and obedience training. He’s such a quick learner and he’s very treat motivated. If you love puppy kisses and playtime, Shamrock is your boy!

adoption pending

Meet Wylie, the sweetest coyote looking puppy there ever was! She is about 4 months old and tips the scale at 19 lbs. She is fully crate trained and almost 100% potty trained. She loves to play with her puppy friends and has endless puppy energy to do zoomies all day long. She is looking for an adopter who can provide her with the physical and mental stimulation she needs. An ideal home for her would be an active dog savvy family with a fenced in yard, who is committed to continue attending puppy school, working on training and socialization with her. She would love to have another dog in the house who can match her energy level to play with, but that's not a requirement.

Leopold is a 6-8 year old chubby 80-85lbs lab/retriever mix. Despite his mature age, he is an adoring goof-ball who is looking for the easy life with a loving family. Going for long walks, napping on the couch, getting belly scratches, and napping some more on the couch are his favorite activities. You could not find a more calm and snuggly buddy. Leo is potty trained and happy to meet and say hi to any form of friend: cat, dog, human, or squirrel. His foster family is doctoring a boo-boo on his leg, but are happy to report he's on the mend! He is a dream and will be a great addition to any family who is lucky enough to adopt this good boy!

Caramel is a typical 10 week old puppy - a ball of energy but a love bug! If she had a motto, it would be play hard, nap hard. Caramel, like most puppies her age, are learning how to be confident around other dogs. She will benefit from having a mentor dog at home to show her the way, or an adopter who is dedicated to continuing to bring her to puppy class and socialize her with the right group of puppies and dogs to help her gain the confidence and skills she needs. Caramel is well on her way with potty training (pretty much all house trained!) and working to become more comfortable in her crate. She is also working hard to learn some tricks! Overall she is a love bug and is a complete joy to have around. 

Goldie had been chained up outside and neglected all her life. A good samaritan finally stepped in to save her from the sad miserable life she lived and brought her to the care of FCAR. We believe she is about 7-8 years old. She currently weighs about 40lbs but is severely underweight. Her ideal weight will probably be around 50lbs. She is incredibly sweet but is not a fan of cats. The people who had her have children though she was kept outside all her life. She is good with calm dogs but gets annoyed with high energy young pups who get into her face. Her foster cannot rave about how sweet she is, and she is working hard to learn how to live indoors and potty outdoors.

This handsome ham is Bandit, a 8-9 year old heeler mix who weighs roughly 60-65lbs. He was on death row at a shelter in TX and came to us with heartworm. He is currently receiving treatment for heartworm and learning how to live life as an inside dog. He is a friendly guy who loves a good belly rub. His ideal forever home would be one without another dog or cat, and an experienced dog savvy adopter with a fenced backyard. He is ready to enjoy the slower pace of life and snoozing on the couch all day long with lots of outside time to enjoy all the smells and sights.

Licorice is a super sweet 10 week old puppy. She loves human contact and belly rubs. She is curious, but very easy going and  seems to go with the flow with her busy foster family. She gets along and is not afraid of her much larger foster canine brothers. Licorice is catching on quickly to house training and is learning to walk on a leash.  She's happily  sleeping in a crate at night. She is super affectionate and will make a great addition to any family! 

Ollie, Ava, Stella, Rosie, Liza

These 8 week old chihuahua mixes joined FCAR a week ago from TX. They are incredibly sweet and loving. Their foster mom reports that they are like all typical puppies, playful and active, but exceptionally affectionate. If you are looking for a small sized dog who loves to snuggle, apply for one of these precious puppies today! 

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