Dogs & Puppies

Juneau is a 6 month old 38lb husky/shepherd mix with a dash of hound. This playful pup loves sticks, chasing balls/playing fetch and belly rubs/scratches. He loves riding in the car (though, he is a bad co-pilot because he falls fast asleep). He is, however, not a fan of loud noises and fast moving objects that startle him. He bonds fiercely to his human and is working on developing more independence. True to his husky roots, he is strong willed. True to his shepherd roots, he is athletic and eager to learn. He will need to be in an active home that can provide him with the physical and mental stimulation that he needs and a savvy adopter who is willing to continue his training with a harm free trainer and engage his mind without eliciting fear in his life. He is neutered, potty trained, and working on sharing. Juneau loves to play with other dog and we believe he would benefit from learning from an established mentor dog in his foster or forever home. 

Meet Bolt! This 2-4 year old 53lb love is an old soul. He is quiet and contemplative. He loves being next to his people, cuddling on the couch or sitting on your lap on a picnic bench. He loves to meet other dogs, and just takes the world in stride. He's great on a leash, in the car, and in a crate. He's house trained and has perfect manners. He doesn't know his name or any commands but if you open your arms wide he'll come running and lick your whole face. He is so ready for a place to call his own and has so much love to give. 

This handsome ham is Mack, a 8-9 year old heeler mix who weighs roughly 60-65lbs. Dumped at a kill shelter by his family only because he was an older dog now who walks a little slower and doesn't play as much anymore. He was immediately put on death row due to his circumstances and age at a shelter in TX. Luckily, Forever Changed Animal Rescue was able to pull him from certain death, and he came to our area with heartworm. He is currently receiving treatment for heartworm and loving the attention that he gets from his foster mom. He wakes her up gently each morning and loves going on their daily walks. He is a friendly guy who loves a good belly rub. His ideal forever home would be one without another dog or cat, and an experienced dog savvy adopter with a fenced backyard. He is ready to enjoy the slower pace of life and snoozing on the couch all day long with lots of outside time to enjoy all the smells and sights.

Buster is a gentle giant. This one year old 85lbs Great Pyrenees mix is an old sensitive soul. He is super smart, knows a ton of commands and has been a star pupil in all of his puppy classes. The only family he's ever known is not longer able keep him and we need a new placement (foster or adopter) ASAP as the family goes on vacation without him. We know it will be a tough transition for him as he is being moved out of the only home he's ever known, and he will do best in a home that is calm and quiet, without a lot of comings and goings to help ease him through this massive change. Like most COVID puppies, he takes some time to warm up to new people and dogs, but is gentle and loves other dogs. He does great with calm children and he will try to play/chase any cat the he meets (not well received by every cat...). He is looking for his new home and putting on a brave face as he tackles this new adventure


Meet Kenzo! This sweet 6 month pittie mix came down with parvo, and their previous owners were unable to take care of the medical expense of his treatment, so they brought him to the ER to be euthanized. Luckily, one of FCAR's founders is a vet at this hospital, and took him into our care and saved him from certain death. He is the sweetest boy and loves everyone and every dog he meets. He is 100% parvo free and totally healthy now and is looking forward to the good life in his forever home! He is neutered, almost potty trained, and LOVES to play with other dogs.

This sweet 43lb 2 year old girl had a rough start to life. Miley was locked in a storage unit with a metal chain pierced through her skin to keep her from jumping on the doors and making noise. Once we heard her story, we knew we needed to rescue her into our rescue and find her the best possible home. She was severely underweight when she was rescued, and is heartworm positive. FCAR will arrange and cover the entire heartworm treatment for her, and will coordinate directly with whomever adopt her on her treatments. Despite the horrific way that brought her to us, she has never lost her big smiley face, hence her name Miley. Her zest for life and her love for every human, child, dog she meets has melted the heart of everyone who's met her. She is potty trained and walks well on a leash. She has SO much love to give and is ready to find her forever home!

Meet Flapjack, aka Flappy, as his foster family likes to call him. This 4.5 year old, 120lb soulful gentle giant is a rare gem. He was given up by his family because their small child developed an allergy to him. He has been in the care of his foster family and enjoys the company of the other dogs and young children in the household. Although this cutie looks like a big fluffy golden retriever, he is in fact an Akbash. This is a breed of dog that will require an experienced dog owner. Flappy is very responsive to training and will need an adopter who will give him consistent rules and boundaries. At 120lbs, Flappy is strong and will need an adopter who is committed to training and setting him up for success! Which is why we are requiring potential adopters to have previous dog experience for this guy. While Flappy gets along great with his canine foster siblings, he is reactive when he's on the leash. He also loves to run around a yard with his dog friends and play! So his potential forever home will need to have a secure 6 ft fence. Flappy is ready to find his forever home that will lavish love and attention on him, and one who is committed to working with him on leash skills and training.